The Micro brand has been loved by kids and trusted by parents for years. Micro continues to blend Swiss design with the best quality materials to create a smooth and stable ride that delights both children and adults. 

Micro scooters are built with strength and lightness in mind, making them easy to carry, durable enough to pass on to the next child, comfortable enough to ride for hours on end, and most importantly, enjoyable!

So, why should you choose a Micro scooter? And why do others choose Micro?

The most award-winning scooters for kids (in the world!)

We are proud to share that Micro's Mini and Maxi have received high praise from both kid testers and industry experts for their exceptional quality. 

The Maxi was selected as the Best Kids Scooter by Wirecutter, a product recommendation service from The New York Times, for the fifth consecutive year in February 2023. The review process involved children testing 16 different scooters and input from a panel of experts from Wirecutter and pediatricians. 

Additionally, the Mini Deluxe ECO was recently named one of the "Best Toys" by

Micro scooters are often replicated but never rivalled.

Loved by kids

With unbeatable rides for 1-year-olds to adults, there’s a Micro scooter for all! We take comfort seriously, as our quality construction and rubber hand grips absorb bumps in the road so your kiddo can go miles with ease. The adjustable handlebars allow for years and years of fun. Nonetheless, our super-smooth glide is the main reason kids love to ride Micro. 

"Lean-to-Steer," a three-wheel kickboard style ride with a steering style that enhances stability, is a fun and exciting ride. And, Micro was the first to apply "Lean-to-Steer" to scooters for kids. The "Lean-to-Steer" feature is a game-changer for kids as it aids in the development of essential gross motor skills like balance and coordination.

With a wide range of colour combinations and accessories, kids can express themselves through play while developing their creativity AND looking super cool! 

Trusted by parents

Micro has a variety of foldable scooter designs that are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle, whether you're headed to the local farmer's market or flying to visit grandma. With Micro scooters, you can easily take them with you wherever you go! 

We have also crafted creative and practical luggage solutions that cater to both children and adults. Our products boast compact designs that are effortless to navigate, all while being stylish and enjoyable for everyone.


Did you know we have an ECO line of scooters too? 

"Made from recycled fishing nets and plastic, the Mini Deluxe ECO also allows you to take part in keeping plastics out of the oceans. Designed for ages 2–5, it’s meant to last a long time, much like our planet.”

To go even further, your child will enjoy endless miles (and smiles!) while riding their Micro scooter, as the adjustable T-bar allows their Micro scooter to grow with them. 

And virtually every part of our scooters are replaceable. That means even after your child has outgrown it, you can freshen it up and pass it down to a sibling or friend. It's an easy way to keep the fun going while reducing waste and saving money!


Micro scooters are the perfect balance of Swiss precision and stylish design. Quality materials, combined with advanced engineering, give these lightweight rides an exceptionally strong feel. Plus, they are perfectly designed for young riders, as these lightweight yet sturdy rides give kids complete control. 

Each product is meticulously designed to ensure its durability and dependability, and they consistently exceed our rigorous testing standards. 

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