Micro Flex

Age: Adults and Teens

Colour: Black

The Flex Series is one of our favorites to recommend to any adult looking to shave some time off of their commute, or just for kickin' around.

  • The natural wood and fiberglass deck cushions natural or bumpy terrain, while the high-rebound polyurethane wheels with performance-grad bearings provide an easy and smooth ride.
  • Designed with adults in mind, it's a great option for someone tall. The extra tall T-bar handle has a maximum heigh of 102 cm from the ground. 
  • Foldable configuration for easy carrying and storage, kickstand for upright parking, rear brake. The Flex Series comes completely assembled, with a patented double-button folding system.
  • Available in two unique yet classic colors: Cream and Matte Black.

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Elegant, compact, and comfortable – that’s the Micro Flex. And the taller T-bar makes this our most accessible scooter for taller riders.

Its flexible wood and fiberglass deck sways in unison with the motion during the ride, skillfully absorbing any shocks and vibrations on uneven roads. Ideal for relaxed city tours or as a companion on the way to work. The superior-quality PU wheels that absorb bumps, paving your way to a very smooth ride. The high-quality hand grips are luxuriously comfortable, even after a long ride.

The extra tall T-Bar handle with a maximum height of 102 cm from the ground accommodates most adults and is great for a tall rider. The body is made from polished aluminum. It’s lightweight enough to simply fold, pick up and carry.

The Flex Series comes completely assembled, with a patented double-button folding system. To unfold, simply loosen the clamp on the folding mechanism, then push in and hold the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel. Unfold your Micro scooter and ride. Use the patented two-way kickstand to keep your Micro scooter upright while parked.

As with all of our Micro’s products, every part of the Micro Flex Series is replaceable, meaning your Micro scooter will last virtually forever.


  • We strongly recommend helmets while riding.

Rider Weight Limit

100 kg

Product Weight

5.2 kg

Product Material

Aluminum, Wood + Fiberglass Deck

Wheel Size + Material

200mm + PU

Wheel Bearings

Precision Bearings

Handlebar height (from ground)

Adjustable: 73 to 102 cm