Micro Smart Egg


Bringing your scooter experience into the digital age

The Mini Micro Deluxe Smart connects your kids' scooter with digital interaction. The Smart Micro Egg is attached to the handlebar of the scooter and connected to the corresponding app.

With the Mini Micro Deluxe Smart, kids not only have fun outdoors in the fresh air, but can also use their favorite toy at home and discover a whole new way of riding a scooter. The different game modes allow both offline and online games with friends. The Smart Micro Egg is equipped with a motion sensor that controls the avatar in the app. This promotes children's balance, coordination and motor skills.


Race against friends or train on your own
Race offline or online with friends or train on your own. With the virtual Micro Scooter game, you can discover a completely new way of riding your scooter.

Customize your avatar & your scooter
Collect coins and diamonds to unlock different styles and accessories for your avatar & your scooter, as well as new game modes.

Train your balance & motor skills
Control your avatar via the integrated motion sensor in the Micro Smart Egg. This way you train your balance and coordination both indoors and outdoors.

Micro lights flash in three modes: constant, flash, or rapid flash. Micro lights are water resistant and come equipped with long-lasting LED lights.

Statistics and riding information for kids and parents
Conveniently view your stats and driving data, such as speed or distance. There is also a parent mode where the mother or father can view the child's statistics and driving data as well as the live location.

Weather independent
Rain or shine, the Micro Smart Egg provides fun and entertainment at all times. So you can use your favourite toy not only outside but also at home.

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