The new Micro Mini Deluxe GLOW features LED glow lights in the kickboard, wheels, handles, brake, and handlebar logo, all powered simply by the motion of the rear wheel. The lights cast a radiant glow for both safety and wow-factor.

  • Safe, stable, and designed with an adjustable T-bar so children can easily hop on and off, and use their body weight to steer. A fun and healthy way to play as they develop instrumental skills along the way such as balance, coordination and confidence.
  • Keep your child entertained and on the move for years to come with the signature Mini adjustable T-bar that extends up to 62.5 cm, so their favourite toy can grow with them from ages 2-5, up to 50kg.
  • All parts are replaceable. When your child outgrows the Mini, pass it on to a sibling or friend so it never ends up in a landfill. 2 year manufacturer’s warranty included.
  • More than a mere plaything, the Micro Mini Glow LED is a developmental tool, thoughtfully crafted in collaboration with medical experts. It not only promotes physical activity but also enhances balance and motor skills through its innovative, patented steering system.