Switzerland's Micro Mobility announces Micro Scooter Canada as new official distribution partner in Canada beginning in 2023

While Canadians have known and loved Micro scooters for many years, the world’s most-loved kick scooters are getting a fresh start in Canada starting in 2023. Micro Scooter Canada, led by Canadian owner and CEO Thomas Blair, is the new official distribution partner for Micro in Canada beginning in January 2023, as the official partnership with former distributor (Kickboard Canada) ends at the end of 2022.

Together with his wife Amy, who is a long-time employee of Google with decades’ long familiarity and love for Micro products, the new distributors are based in Kingston, Ontario with distribution warehouses in Scarborough and Vancouver. The full Micro range is sold exclusively via microscooter.ca, with other distribution channels at a selection of the best high-end specialty stores across Canada.

Tom shares Why Micro?

As the parents of two children (3.5 and 2 years), we experience first-hand the bond and memories that are built with these scooters – they help us play together, build meaningful connections and memories, and invest in the future by way of an eco-centric brand. As a nurse, I’ve spent 20 years serving families across ages and backgrounds. And the one common thread from everyone I’ve met along the way is that activity helps and heals us. My wife Amy’s career has been dedicated to understanding the developmental needs of children and their parents in an evolving online world and is a valuable strategic partner in the new endeavour. Together through our journey as parents in our careers, we’ve observed Micro scooters world-class developmental products. 
Bringing Micro products to Canada in a way that works for Canadians is my top goal. Globally, Micro is known for its design and quality – a true leader in product excellence. But we know that product excellence is not achievable if the user experience itself is not excellent. We are committed to ensuring that the customers who have been loyal to Micro and retailers who have distributed Micro products to their own customers are prioritized with the utmost regard and have a say in our business strategy moving forward.
My commitment to Micro customers:
  1. Listen and learn from our customers and clients to prioritize customer service above all else
  2. Improve pricing to make Micro products accessible for more Canadians
  3. Launch loyalty programs exclusive to our Canadian customers
In my eyes, Canada is one of the greatest markets for Micro: a culture that puts family first and encourages eco-friendly activities. I want to thank you for your support of the Micro products throughout the years, and hope to continue paving a positive partnership in this new chapter.

The Blairs recognize that Micro is loved and appreciated not only for their quality scooters but also for their hands-on, award-winning customer service. Tom is committed to putting that into practice in Canada: 

“Our team understands that customers value service and it needs to be as good as the scooter itself. Serving the incredible Micro brand honestly makes that easy – we are thrilled to stand behind these exceptional products.”

The newest premium range at a more accessible price point.

With this change in 2023 Micro customers can expect the exact same quality design and function they’ve alway received from Micro. Micro Scooter Canada will be bringing in the newest line of products from Micro, focusing on the Deluxe LED range at a lower price point to make it more accessible for Canadians to really understand the differentiated quality.

A renewed focus on sustainability.

The Micro mission has always been to provide fuel-free transport for every-day ‘micro’ journeys – too short for a car, too far to walk.

Known around the world for their exceptionally smooth, stable ride, Micro is an innovative company that works towards sustainability on several levels, most recently winning the 2022 Green Award from GOOD DESIGN®, the oldest and most prestigious design award, founded in 1950. The Green Award recognized Micro for its ECO Mini and ECO Maxi scooters for kids ages 2 to 12 for its deck made from recycled plastic pulled from the oceans. Micro is also a member of 1% for the Planet.  

Many Canadians already know that Micro scooters have a modular construction which means all parts are replaceable. When a child grows out of their Micro scooter, it can be refreshed, renewed and passed along for a lifetime of scooting, as opposed to a lifetime in the landfill.

With a soft launch that rolled out in January, the Blairs are ramping up distribution online and to premium retailers across Canada. Canadians should expect to see prices for Micro scooters become more accessible online at microscooter.ca as well as at select retailers across Canada.

Written by Thomas Blair

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